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Sinemoretz is a small sea-coast village in the furthest South- Eastern past of Bulgaria, 90 km. to the south of Bourgas, among the slopes of the beautiful Strandza mountain, within, its lovely and well-preserved, centuries-old oak forests and its abundant game.
The village is located between the Black Sea coast to the east, the mouth of Veleka River to the South and Strandza Mountain to the west. Climate is temperate continental, hot and dry in summer, warm and mild in winter.
Until 1914 the inhabitants of Sinemoretz vere Greeks. After their emigration, Bulgarian immigrants from East Thrace settled down here.
Today there are about 200 houses in the village. The main occupation of the people are farming, stock-breeding and fishing in Veleka River. The manufacturing of wood coal has always been of great importance for the economics of the people there an occupation with very old tradition and long existence.
The ecological environment here is favorable to the development of the local flora and fauna. Delicious is the local watermelons, melons and grapes, as well as the widespread subtropical orchard fruits - e.g. persimmons, figs etc. The Strandza forests are flavored with the exotic evergreen plant "Rhododendron ponticum", famous as "Strandza zelenika", and with wild herbs, some of them having extraordinary healing properties. From early spring fill late autumn the forest meadows are full of various testy mushrooms. Along the bed of Veleka River a few trees of the so-carved "luznishki oak" have been preserved since ancient times, and in the river there are schools of river and sea fishes. There is something nobody can cleny the beauty of Sinemoretz.
This southern, sunniest and ecologically best-preserved sea region has the most wonderful beaches as a nature gift. They are not just one or two but a lot more. Some of them are in close proximity of the village, others are further from it. Most of them are near the cool green mountain slopes, some are lines by weird cliff forms - "fiords".
The water of the seacoast line is shallow, warm and crystal clear, the sand is amber yellow and very fine. The marvel of this amazing and unique exotic is enriched by the whisper of the white, wild sand lilies and the fescinating danced of the quiet dolphins.
Tourists are interested in the near villages. Closest to Sinemoretz(5 km.) in the town of Ahtopol - an old Tracian settlement, made by the ancient Greeks their colony. Its name means " the town of happiness". Today there are 5000 inhabitants, during the summer season - 30 000. The local people are excellent fisherman, they have good vineyards and a lovely beach. There are interesting antique and medieval ruins in the town. Ahtopol is a busy, traditional sea resord and offers numerous facilities and entertainment for its tourists.
20 km. to the west of Sinemoretz is the youth tourist Centre-Primorsko, and it offers service and entertainment of modern European kind.
To the South of Sinemoretz(10 km.) along a picturesque road, the holiday-makers can set off to the furthest southen point of the Bulgaria sea coast - the village Rezovo, situated on the left side of the mouth of the Rezovska river. Here is the geographical and political border between Bulgaria and its southern neighboring country-Turkey. Just 90 km. away from Rezovo is Constatinopole, spread out on two continents and three seas, a capital of powerful empires and significant centre.
Today Sinemoretz is a top of the contemporary Bulgarian tourism. Owing to its natural and ecological facts, the settlement is developing as an active sea tourist center with interesting attractions- restaurants, bars and discos with traditional and modern music, and other kinds of interesting entertainment. There are food-stores, a post office, bus services and other facilities in the village.
The Chekezovi's house is famous as the "General's villa", it was built in 1982 in a large garden with exotic plants, trees, bushes and a lot of flowers. It is situated in a quiet, peaceful place near the sea (500m.). It has 5 luxury rooms (10 beds), a sitting room, a dining room, a kitchen, a terrace, and a garden. It has all electric appliances, cable TV etc. There is a barbecue and an open-air kitchen.

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